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What We Did*

European Telecom Company: Advised the company on debt and equity fund raising as well as strategic M&A opportunities.

US Social Media: Introduced European institutional investors to a General Partner backing a major take private deal with global resonance.

European Renewable Energy Funds: Advised an institutional investor in the sourcing, due diligence and underwriting of renewable funds.

European Green Development Bond: Advised on the structuring and arranging of the first green renewable development bond in Europe.

Italian Fashion Brand: Advised a leading US private equity fund in the negotiation and due diligence with the seller.

Asian Luxury Hotel Resort: Advised the landlord in the process of selling to some of the leading global RE funds.

European Electric Mobility Company: Advised the founder in a capital round across Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Global Alternative Asset Manager: Advised the manager in fund raising with family offices in Europe and the Americas.

European Art Gallery: Advised the company in fund raising with strategic and financial investors across the Europe and Asia.

* Selected deals